Capture Düsseldorf GmbH & Co. KG 11/2010
Image-Film „ThyssenKrupp Eröffnungsfeier Alabama"
Final Cut Pro Cutter

MotionWorks GmbH 2009-2010
"KiKANiNCHEN" for the Kinderkanal/MDR
Compositing Supervisor

Fantascope Films since 03 / 2008
Founder & President
Digital Cinematographer/Editor
Graphic Designer / 3D Animator

iMusic1 GmbH since 09/2007
Projectleader, Cutter, Cameraman

MythLab Films “The Bargain” and “Prequels Apology Syndrome” 2005
Final Cut Pro Editor/Producer

The Weather Channel "Heroes of the Storm, Live: Behind the scenes" 2005
Final Cut Pro Editor

Bishop Studios LLC International feature film “The other side” 2004
Digital effects artist

Stormforce Productions LLC "Ashtide” 2004
Post-production Final Cut Pro Editor

Evil Edisons Productions 48Hr film project "Episc 2004
Avid Edito

FILMDREAMSINC Dem Franchize Boyz single "white tees" 2003
Final Cut Pro Editor

Career Sports South "Atlanta Style" 2003
Avid Editor

BlankStage Studios Independent comedy "the creamy middle" 2003

Avid Editor

Turner Studios 04/2000 – 11/2006
On-line Editor / AvidEditor/Compsite Effects

Artisan Picture Works 06/1999 – 04/2000
Editor/Assistant Editor

Alchemy Productions Sci-Fi short film “Star 69” 1999
Gaffer / Grip

Available Light Productions Mary J. Blige/Elton John video “Deep Inside” 1999

Third Grip

Lighting & Equipment Company (L&PE) 1998
Grip Tech

Magick Lantern/VanderKloot Film Studio 1998
Assistant Editor / Tape Operator

Image Quest Films PSAs “Atlanta Urban Ministries” and
“National Hotline Against Domestic Violence”. 1998
Key Grip/Gaffer

All Right Spider Productions Inc. & B-Down Film Works Inc. Feature film "Criminal" 1998

Lead Gaffer

IXL Incorporated 02/1998 – 06/1998
Video Technician/Grip/Gaffer

People TV/Channel 12 01/1997 – 06/1999
Playback Operator

Capetown Films Extra Feature Film “In the flesh” 1997

Extra / Stand-in / Runner

Universal PicturesFeature Film “Black Dog" 1997

E xtra / Stand-in / Runner

Planet Rock/UPN Channel 69 1997
Field Camera Operator

CDC (Center for Disease Control) 1996
Teleprompt Operator/Camera/Editor-Various Projects

Savannah (WB network) 1995 - 1996
Extra / Stand-in / Runner

Dekalb County Television Camera (Studio & Live remote truck) 1993 - 1996
Various Projects Lighting Technician
Master Control / Playback Operator

I’ll fly away (Lomar / NBC Television Productions) 1991 - 1992
Extra / Stand-in / Runner